My name is Whitney, and I'm a photojournalist living and working in Portland, Maine. For my entire life I've struggled with sitting still and being quiet. This is a byproduct of that personality trait. For now, this store will be: (1) a space for many things wooly and good (2) a way to find homes for the material I'm unable to use in my own fiber work. My mother raised dorset sheep in Hamilton, Missouri when she was in school, back before she married my dad and Stone was her last name. She always wanted a spinning wheel (and if she is reading this she could still try!) and I think her desire to learn prompted me to start.

I'm happy to accept commissions at a slightly reduced rate for large quantities (4+ skeins), and I'm also taking wholesale orders. Shoot me an email at awayknits@gmail.com with any questions, or just to say hi.