Worsted Weight Indigo Targhee Millspun (004 Henri)

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Image of Worsted Weight Indigo Targhee Millspun (004 Henri)

100% American Targhee Millspun yarn, indigo dyed worsted weight.

Gauge 4.5-5 stitches per inch on US 6-8 Needles

WPI 8-9

Yardage approx. 180 yards

This incredibly springy, soft yarn is sourced and spun in America, and handdyed in my apartment studio in South Portland, Maine. The completed yarn is dyed in an indigo vat by hand, and triple rinsed in a diluted vinegar bath to a neutral pH, to ensure minimal croaking. Slight croaking with deep indigo hues is normal, so take care to rinse completed projects separately for their first soak. This yarn was used in my Alewife Hat sample on Ravelry. The 004 Henri color way is a light blue, variegated with lighter shades.